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I’m a graphic designer, web designer, fashion designer, color designer, etc. I love designing – basically. So I want to share you my techniques to help those who want to design. Read this article well to know all the tips and facts. If you think these facts/tip have nothing to do with designing, then your wrong. It has to do a lot within designing. Before we get into fashion designing, you must know the basic facts of design. Below are some basic facts, and more can be found in our wiki page. Each rule will be combined and used in fashion designing later in the article. Drawings of my fashion designs will be given. Also, if time passes and one day I find the time, I might upload a video for this article to help you guys.

Remember, I’ve been studying books on fashion designing, fashion itself, graphic designing, web designing, and other. So I know A LOT about fashion designing. I’m thinking about making websites that have to do with design tutorials or something. I would really love to share my knowledge.

Also don’t stress, there are only two simple tips that I’ve came up with to help.

COLOR: The most important rule of all designing. Color is what brings the design. Without color, designs will be dull and ugly. When using color, be sure to mix colors that MATCH. Yeah red, blue, and yellow are primary, but that doesn’t mean you MIX them together. Red, blue, and yellow will clash when combined. Clashing is when colors vibrate. More is explained on the wiki page. So why doesn’t the American Flag clash with those colors? Well they use a simple trick called color separation. They use the white to separate the red and blue to prevent clashes. Also, the red and blue aren’t really on top of each other. Their touching not inside. If that makes sense.

A good way to combine colors, is by using this tool online: – it’s called a color wheel. A color wheel is a wheel full of optional colors starting from three color points (Red, blue, and yellow.) The tool shared is a color wheel that shows you all the colors available to blend and mix. They clashed the colors together that match to help you choose your colors more wisely. Hope it helps.

TIP – There’s a little tip that SOME fashion designers use. Say if they wanted to match a shirt with the eye color of the model. They would use some vibrant color to blend with the eye’s. A vibrant color that matches with the eyes can really bring up the design.

UNITY: Unity means whole, in other words: making a design look in one piece. You know what I mean? Unity makes the human eye pinpoint the location of specific items or whatever on your design. Basically unity brings ease to the eyes on your design.


When designing a garment, always remember to first create a blueprint of it. Your blueprint will requires measurements of the garment, which will give you an accurate fit for the model. Measurement is critical in fashion designing – it helps save time from troubleshooting sizes. If your wondering how to create blueprints for a garment, then read the “Blueprinting Your First Garment” segment of this article. I should save my breath and teach you the proper way – segments.

MEASUREMENT: As I said before in the introduction of “How to Fashion Design,” measurement is critical in the role of a fashion designer. It helps get proper waste level of  a garment, proper sleeve fit, etc.. Think of a fashion designer as an architecture (A designer that designs buildings.) An architecture creates blueprints that has loads and loads of measurements (Geometry is mostly used.) Fashion designers somewhat are just like architectures. They create blueprints of clothing. They also sketch their design as well before doing any creation or blueprint. If you want to have fashion designer measurement skills, watch the video below.


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